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Meet StableMaster. The simple, intuitive and powerful software solution and mobile app that helps you manage your stable, riding school or equestrian centre. Packed with powerful features, StableMaster will make running your equine business so much easier.


Why choose StableMaster?

Because it is the best. With StableMaster you a get cloud hosted feature-rich equine business management solution that beats all others for both price and power. Check out some of the core features below..

Features in depth.

StableMaster delivers a vast array of features and functions meaning every aspect of day to day stable life can be managed with ease - and from any location. Check below to learn more about just some of the great features StableMaster ships with out of the box.


Organise your customers. Assign them to lessons, livery, horses and events and bill them for all products. Upload documents, videos and profile pics. Create assessments, accident rerports and maintain important personal data.


Horses are our top priority. StableMaster allows you to record vital information about your horse community including location, upcoming assessments and renewals, availability for lessons, feed, veterinary, coggins and much more.

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Configure and manage your workforce, give employees roles such as system user, instructor, manager and assign them to tasks, events and lessons. Also, record absence and never over allocate them. Check their task status and audit transactions in the system.

Lessons and Events

Automated scheduling of lessons and events, assign customers, allocate horses, staff and arenas. Create products such as entry fees. Automatic prevention of over-booking of horses, staff and arenas. Payment tracking is simple using our powerful customer wallet and invoicing module.


Control day to day activities via the calendar.  Add lessons, events and tasks with a simple click of a button. Check for congestion and overbooking. Scheduling becomes a breeze.

Tasks and Care

Includes daily operational tasks as well as taking care of your horses. You decide the priority, recurrence and deadlines. Use the dashboard to check progress and assign staff, horses and suppliers to all task types.


All charegable activities and products can be invoiced to customers via the powerful invoicing and customer wallet features.  Control debt and account balances.  Issue discounts and refunds. Report on overdue invoices and create billable items such as lessons, products, events and livery.


Use the dashboard function to access key information about  operational efficiency and revenue at the click of a button.  Focus in on the important activities and ensure tasks are complete.  Chase overdue invoices and check expected revenues for the day.

Straight forward pricing.

StableMaster's pricing plans are designed to give you the best value possible. Start low, we will monitor usage and alert you if you are reaching your transaction threshold. Compare StableMaster with others and you will see it offers more bang for your buck.


per month


per year

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500 Tasks
500 Care Tasks
250 Lessons
250 Events
500 Invoices
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Horses



2500 Tasks
2500 Care Tasks
500 Lessons
500 Events
1000 Invoices
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Horses

10% Discounted for a Year


5000 Tasks
5000 Care Tasks
2000 Lessons
2000 Events
2500 Invoices
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Horses


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