The story behind StableMaster

Tired of clunky outdated software, and aware of my professional background - as a software architect -  the owner of my daughter's local riding school approached me with a request.  Could I improve upon the system they were currently using?

A cursory glance at the server based system, which used outdated (and insecure) code, was slow, needed constant updates and could only be accessed from within the office, and my response was a resounding..

Oh yes!

So began a four year journey.  Drawing upon my twenty years experience in the software industry, I set about building a software solution from the ground up.  I worked with numerous riding schools and livery stables to understand the business processes they employed and the problems they faced, then I engaged a team of software developers to build the software with the following principles at its heart:

It is built to address the specific requirements of a busy riding school.

It does not cost the earth.

It lives in the cloud, meaning its always available and your data is backed up automatically.

It is easy to setup and use.

With these principles at the forefront of every design decision made, we have now delivered what I believe to be a best of breed solution.  In the early days we had numerous organisations help us test tweak the software - this helped us work out what we should keep and what we should lose.  Many thanks to those involved in this early Beta testing.

In these straightened times, the challenges for riding centers are manifold.  Spiraling costs and reducing revenues means there is constant pressure just to stay afloat.  All business sectors are undergoing one form of digital transformation or other - and the equine industry is no different.  Moving to a digital management solution is desirable, but for many it is a leap of faith.  To make this transition easier, StableMaster has been designed to be easy to adopt with no contractual lock in.  You can try it for as long as you like (within reason) and the team will help you get the most out of it.

We are looking to build long term partnerships with you and help you get the best value from your investment in StableMaster.  We also want to hear from you with suggestions for changes and improvements.  Here's to your digital future.

Thanks for dropping by.


Ian Hughes

CEO & Founder


Start your digital journey today.  Go Faster with StableMaster.